Major Savings Come from Our International Suppliers

The countries we deal with have government-controlled healthcare that keeps the cost of meds low and we pass these savings on to you. What’s more, some of the medications that are name brand in the U.S. are generic overseas or have gone off patent. The result is affordable medications for everyone; especially those in the 50-64 year old bracket or seniors who’ve fallen into the infamous donut hole in their Medicare Part D plan.

This chart shows how much more money you save when you use versus the leading discount card.

  Price Comparison Leading Discount Card vs. You Save On Meds
NameStrength3 month supplyDiscount Card $YSOM$ Savings% SavingsSource Country
Vesicare1090$1,096$250$84677.19%New Zealand
Advair Discus250/50180$1,260$250$1,01080.16%New Zealand
Januvia5090$1,298$350$94873.04%Great Britain
Symbicort160/4.5360$990$270$72072.73%New Zealand
Xarelto2090$1,289$300$98976.73%New Zealand
Trulicity4 pens1 month supply$690$500$19027.00%Canada
Vesicare - 3-month supply - 10 mg
Discount Card $$1,096.00
$ Savings$846.00
% Savings
Source CountryNew Zealand
Advair Discus - 90-Day supply - 250/50
Discount Card $$1,260.00
$ Savings$1,010.00
% Savings80.16%
Source CountryNew Zealand
Januvia- 90-Day supply - 50 mg
Discount Card $
$ Savings
% Savings
Source CountryGreat Britian
Xarelto - 90-Day supply - 20mg
Discount Card $$1,289.00
$ Savings
% Savings
Source CountryNew Zealand

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