Get to Know YouSaveOnMeds Owner, Martin Portnoy

In 1989 founder, Marty Portnoy, found himself without a job, and with no health insurance. Marty discovered that many seniors were getting their medication from Canadian sources and saving about 50% compared to American pharmacies; there was no Medicare Part D for seniors.

While researching for a new career, Marty connected with another professional whose business was helping people get their drugs from Canada. Marty spent a lot of time in his colleague’s office learning the business. The largest part of his subsequent research and due diligence, had to do with the vetting of international resources. This included time spent scrutinizing their processes, reliability, quality and, of course, establishing rock-solid agreements that would ensure longevity of medicine discounts and savings. It took time, but it worked out to everyone’s advantage.

Today, You Save On Meds resources have expanded beyond Canada to include, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, and India.

When Marty looks at what has happened and the major savings that he’s been able to provide for people, he is moved. Says Marty: “This business appeals to the do-gooder person in me who believes in helping others. I’ve always wanted a profession I could feel good about. That’s where my idol, singer Tom Leher comes in and his lyrics, “I feel well when I’m doing good.” That applies to me directly.

To prospective clients, I say give me a call at 1-888-949-0076. If you’ve got a prescription, I’ve got a remedy that can save you a live-changing fortune! Help yourself to more than healthy savings at Or call to speak with me personally at (888)-949-0076.

“Doing well by doing good”

-Singer, Tom Leher

“My son takes a mental health drug. The generic does not agree with him. Unfortunately, his insurance does not cover the brand name drug. Fortunately, I met Marty at a meeting in 2016 and started using his services. Since then, I have saved $6,000 a year for a total of $24,000 in four years.

Steve, Il