Don’t Let High Medication Prices Harm Your Health!

Not picking up your meds because they are unaffordable is not just disturbing, it’s potentially costly in terms of your health. Another unhealthy practice is to take half a dose instead of the recommended amount in which case, effective treatment can be curtailed.

AARP recently found that as much as 40% of older Americans may not be able to fill a prescription because of cost. Here are some other startling statistics on drug price increases in 2019 as reported in respected, Ars Technica online magazine.

  • Pharmaceutical companies raised the prices of more than 3,400 drugs in the first half of 2019,
  • The average price increase per drug was 10.5%, a rate around five times that of inflation.
  • About 40 of the drugs saw triple-digit increases.

There’s something else going on that is troubling for consumers. According to research expert, Ellie Riley, major quantities of drugs are being removed from insurance plan formularies. According to Riley in her online article , “The two largest PBMs — managing pharmacy benefits for over 200 million Americans — are Express Scripts and Caremark. At the start of 2019, they removed over 90 medications from their formularies. Now, at the beginning of 2020, they are removing over 300 medications. That can mean that these medications are no longer covered by insurance.

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